Hello welcome to the caringisdaring wiki, I post some semi-updated history about what I've been doing on and off the internet, the very least once every year. Might become more active soon. If you have any questions about my stream, me, or about my discord please email me at my business email at thank you for your time.

  Current stream schedule as of 10/10/2019: Sunday - Monday: n/a

Tuesday: 5pm-12pm EST

Wendesday - Friday: n/a

Saturday: 7pm-11pm EST

  • 10/10/2019, openly active on twitch. Fortefyre, RIFT, Shroom_e and many others give me the passion to continue!

Streaming currently and wanting to complete:  Pokemon Blue Any% Glitchless (only game currently)

  Pokemon Blue Informantion:

ID Number/23208, OT/asshat, Rival name is Purce. Have 5 badges at the time at typing this, current pokemon in party/in use are:

             Jolteon, LVL 28   Poliwhirl, LVL 27   Dugtrio, LVL 26   Pidgeotto, LVL 21   Gyarados AKA Fortefyre, LVL 34   Beedrill, LVL 34

ATT:                  51                         49                       54                            37                                                   104                      70

DEF:                 41                         45                       34                            32                                                    69                       48

SPE:                 81                         57                       78                            42                                                    71                       65

SPEC:              76                         37                        52                            32                                                   88                       46

Move 1:           TACKLE            BUBBLE             SCRATCH              WHIRLWIND                                       BITE              TWINEEDLE

  Move 2:      SAND-ATTACK    HYPNOSIS           GROWL              SAND-ATTACK                                    LEER               PIN MISSLE

  Move 3:     QUICK ATTACK  WATER GUN             DIG                 QUICK ATTACK                                    SURF                  CUT

  Move 4:               n/a             DOUBLESLAP     SAND-ATTACK               FLY                                       DRAGON RAGE      RAGE

Other Pokemon Blue informantion: Seen 94 pokemon, own 47 with currently 19 hours 52 minunes and 40 seconds of in stream time in Pokemon Blue. Using the RAVisualBoyAdvance provided by Retroachievements  click the download link here (for windows users) if you too wish to download it and try it out for yourself (Pokemon Blue is not included in this emulator).

  • 11/13/2018, Made a youtube channel which I'll leave the link here and made a temp explaintion video of the channel here as well. Looking for ideas on games to make recordings of and will start to just make recordings of games I currently enjoy.

  • 6/27/18, Made a blog that will have all or most of the games on myabandonware, under " * Free games! * ".
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